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Announcing workers.dev

Pronouncing workers.dev

We are working no doubt laborious to can will let you deploy Workers with out having a Cloudflare enviornment. You’re going to quickly be ready to deploy your Cloudflare Workers to a subdomain-of-your-preference.workers.dev, which you would bound claim now on workers.dev!

Why are we doing this?

It’s good to perhaps perhaps well perhaps agree with learn the announcement blog publish for Workers (or one in every of the many tutorials and visitor posts), and notion “let me give this a are attempting!”. Must you’re an reward Our Website customer, you logged into the dashboard, and stumbled on a peculiar icon called “Workers”, paid $5 and had been on your diagram. Must you’re now not, you clicked “Sign Up”, however in desire to getting to salvage and deploy a Worker, we requested you for your enviornment (when you occur to didn’t agree with one, we had you register one), and cross your nameservers.

Since beginning, now we agree with had hundreds other folks that wanted to compose a peculiar serverless project from scratch or just are attempting Workers out, however stumbled on it tough to beginning up. We want to scheme it more uncomplicated for anybody to beginning up building and deploying serverless applications.

How did we salvage here?

The diagram you beginning up on Workers today time reflects our proceed as an organization. Our mission to “abet compose a nearer Web” has remained fixed, however the methods in which we are capable of abet assemble that agree with developed. We didn’t beginning up as a serverless company, we started as out as a strategy so that you can secure and bustle up your web properties.

Pronouncing workers.dev

After the beginning of Workers, it right away was particular that the chances for Workers are never-ending. We in fact think that Workers are a innovative technology that will switch how developers think compute.

Pronouncing workers.dev

Our Serverless Mission

We are quiet on a mission to abet compose a nearer Web. To us, an world with better Web diagram an world where there could be no distinction between writing code and deploying global applications.

That is, an honest developer can agree with salvage admission to to the identical scalable infrastructure as a multi-million buck commercial to plod their code on.

To salvage away any obstacles combating developers from the usage of Workers today time, we’re going to allow developers to plod Workers on subdomains of workers.dev.


As part of Google’s TLD beginning program, we had been fortunate ample to place workers.dev, to allow potentialities to plod their Workers on.

Pronouncing workers.dev

It’s good to perhaps perhaps well perhaps now bound to workers.dev and browse concerning the general benefits of Workers that we’re no doubt brooding about.

Moreover, in workers.dev you’re going to be ready to explain a subdomain (one per user) so that you can plod Workers on. After deciding on your subdomain, you’re going to be requested to verify your email. Must it’s likely you’ll perhaps perhaps want already bought a Our Website account, please spend the identical email you feeble to look at in. We will have the selection to also spend the identical email to reveal you once we’re ready to can will let you deploy your first Worker to the subdomain you selected.

Expose that workers.dev is fully served the usage of Our Website Workers. All of the following is carried out the usage of Workers:

  • Serving the static rep 22 situation from storage
  • A/B making an strive out our mild vs. darkish theme
  • The pre-registration API that lets in you to explain a subdomain, validates your email, and reserves it for you (more on that quickly).

Though we fully scheme essentially the most of Workers, no Workers had been harmed in the making of this rep 22 situation.

We take be conscious of forward to seeing the mammoth stuff you compose with Workers.
Take a look at out workers.dev to explain your subdomain, and browse concerning the Workers platform.

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